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Founded by Mr. Rudi Ahl and his wife, Ms. Bessie Su, Rudi's Fine Food lives by its motto - A Tradition of Good Taste - since its beginnings in 1972. Born and trained as a Master Butcher in Germany, The Ahl family's love for good food has driven Rudi to deliver uncompromising quality and tradition to become a leading gourmet meats manufacturer in Singapore.

As a German Master Butcher, with quality meats sourced from Germany, Italy, Denmark, and Brazil, we prepare gourmet meats using authentic recipes with carefully selected ingredients and spices. Our products are used by consumers, connoisseurs, gourmet chefs from renowned 5-star hotels and fine dining restaurants, and food lovers in general.

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Made from premium meats imported from Europe and Brazil, and using natural ingredients and our age-old tradition of natural herbs and spices. You can expect Rudi's traditional Christmas hams to have been cured with the best ingredients and recipes,slow-cooked in our ovens and then packed in a vacuum-sealed pouch for ultimate freshness, which you can then unwrap and heat up to the appropriate serving temperature to present as a perfect festive centrepiece on your table.

Tip: For well-prepared hams from Rudi's, thick slabs taste juicier and more moist, while thinner slices better exude the aroma, texture, colour and flavour of the herbs, spices and other ingredients.

Cold Cut & Salami

Good cold cuts and deli meats can elevate your sandwich and its taste, add that extra flavour to your pasta dishes, or serve as great appetizers and canapés to start the meal on a delicious note. Try one of Rudi's developed products, including our low-sodium, low-fat option under Lean & Trim, and you will understand why any recipe can taste a little more gourmet just by selecting the right quality and cold cut products.

Tip: Having the freshest, good quality and tasty cuts of pastrami, salami, lyoner, turkey roll or pepperoni is the easiest way to enhance the flavours of many deli and pasta recipes.


Rudi's 45 years of heritage and experience as a German Master Butcher has allowed him to develop an extensive menu and repertoire of products representing recipes and delights from many countries or regions. These include global favourites and classics like the German Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Frankfurters and other sausages, English Cumberland sausages or British Bangers, Italian Spicy Sausages, Spanish chorizos, and chipolatas. Fresh pork, veal, chicken or beef sausages seasoned with herbs, spices and ingredients, or pre-cooked packs that can be heated up or cooked lightly in the oven or grill to serve on a delicious platter.

Tip: We recommend the fresh sausages if you have the time to boil and grill them, or our pre-cooked sausages which only need a quick grilling to give you a taste of Germany and its tradition of good taste.


Pâté is a luxurious delight and a Christmas favourite found in most fine dining restaurants. You too can have it on your table at home, enjoyed with crackers or a charcuterie platter as a snack, appetizer or canapé. Rudi's 45 years of heritage and experience in gourmet foods has allowed him to create accompaniments and ingredients for different chefs' recipes. Our pâté products include French-style pâtés – pâté de campagne, pâté de foie, mushroom pâté and the seasonal duck pâté with truffle or brandy – as well as the traditional German-style Fine Liverwurst.

Tip: It usually tastes better if you wait for it to soften slightly out of the fridge, just like butter. Apply generously on a lightly buttered toast or crusty bread and enjoy it as a delicious snack, appetizer or canapé.

Roasted Meats

Cooked using traditional methods, at the most optimal temperature in our industrial ovens from Europe at our semi-automated HACCP-certified facility in Singapore, Rudi's roasted meats seek to embody the taste and tradition of global favourites and classics in the continents of Europe, Americas, and Australasia. With premium meats imported from Europe or Brazil, these roast meats like the German pork knuckle, sausage rolls, pork belly or pork loin ribs, serve as perfect dishes for the holiday table.

Tip: We recommend the traditional favourites and classics like the German pork knuckle, pork loin ribs or roasted pork belly. Served within 20-30 minutes of reheating in the oven at 175ºC.

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Champagne Bone-In Ham (4 kg)
Cooked Gammon Boneless Ham (3 kg)
Honey Baked Boneless Ham (1.8 kg)
Duck Pâté with Truffle (200 g)
Orange Smoked Duck Breast (500 g)
Nurnberger Bratwurst (250g)
Cheese Knackers (270g)
Frankfurter (250g)
Veal Sausage (270g)
Bockwurst (300g)
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Manufacturing and distributing out of our semi-automated HACCP-certified facility in Singapore, fully equipped with cold rooms and accorded with AVA Silver Award, allows Rudi's to provide our customers with efficient daily and on-time delivery. Our efficient logistics, stringent hygiene standards and quality controls means that our products can stay fresh and tasty for longer, without unnecessary preservatives.

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