Born and trained as a Master Butcher in Germany, the Ahl family’s love of good food has driven Rudi to deliver uncompromising quality and tradition to become a leading gourmet meats manufacturer in Singapore.


The Ahl family’s love for good food has driven Rudi’s to deliver uncompromising quality based on traditional recipes to become the leading gourmet meats manufacturer in Singapore.


Founding of Rudi’s Fine Foods


Awarded HACCP certificate by PSB


Received Bronze Award from AVA


Received Silver Award from AVA


Investment by Dymon Asia Private Equity


Taste of Tradition

Our founder, Mr Rudi Ahl, was born and trained as a Master Butcher in Germany. Using quality meats from Germany, Italy, Denmark and Brazil, we prepare gourmet products using authentic decadent European recipes with carefully chosen ingredients and finely curated spices. Our products are widely used by 5-star hotels, fine dining restaurants, and food lovers in general.

Our Partners

We strive for perfection and believe in supplying our best quality products to our customers. Our products are used in fine establishments in all over Singapore, such as various 5-star luxury hotels (Ritz Carlton, Mandarin Oriental, Shangri-La, Conrad, Marina Mandarin) and other European dining establishments (Paulanar Brauhaus, Marche, Ikea). Our products are available for home use and can be purchased at various high-end supermarkets such as Cold Storage, Market Place, Jason’s.