Description for Quality Assurance

Rudi’s has come a long way since its inception in 1992. Hard work, perseverance and determination to deliver uncompromising quality and tradition, have helped us become one of the leading processed meat manufacturer in Singapore. Our commitment to maintaining product consistency, flexibility in production and 15 years of proven reliability has resulted in a steady increase in new customers and successful partnerships. 

At Rudi’s, product excellence is achieved by a dedicated team of specially trained staff who share our vision in meeting consumers’ needs. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best quality products and services. The contribution of our people is an essential element to the success of our production activities as well as the implementation of our expansion plan. 

Dedicated and Specially Trained Team
High-End Production Facility
Highest Standards in Food Safety and Quality
On Time Delivery


Manufacturing and distributing out of our semi-automated HACCP-certified facility in Singapore, fully equipped with cold rooms and accorded with AVA Silver Award, allows Rudi’s to provide our customers with efficient daily and on-time delivery. Continuous investments into the latest technology of our production facilities help ensure our production efficiency and on time delivery of our products. We adhere strictly to the most stringent hygiene and safety standards throughout our production line. Quality inspections are conducted at every juncture; from the time our raw materials are selected, to the point when our final products are ready for packaging. Our efficient logistics, stringent hygiene standards and quality controls means that our products can stay fresh and tasty for longer, without unnecessary preservatives.

Food Service

As a German Master Butcher, we strive for perfection and believe in supplying our best quality products to our customers. All our products are prepared from choice fresh meat using authentic recipes with carefully selected ingredients and spices. Our extensive range of Ham & Cold Cuts, Sausages, Smoke items and Pates are made to satisfy the most diverse lifestyle needs and demands of consumers today. 

At Rudi’s we believe growth is essential for us to keep our tradition alive and we will continue to satisfy real-life needs with fresh and unique ideas.