Item Code: H007

Cooked Gammon Ham (3 - 3.5 kg)


Pork, dextrose, potato starch, salt, sodium acetate, sodium citrate, E451(i), E450(iii), E451(ii), natural flavours, spice extract, sugar, sodium erythorbate, yeast extract, sodium nitrite

$ 62.70 each

Product Information

Potential Allergen: Nil

Produced in a factory that handles Gluten, Milk and Sulphite-containing product

Label: Keep refrigerated

Consume within 3 days after opening


Grilling or pan-frying the steaks are the best option as the steaks do dry out quickly and can be served hot or cold.To prevent the steaks curling during cooking, snip the fat at about 2.5cm intervals all round.